About RFL Pipe & Fittings Company

RFL Pipe & Fittings is one of the largest manufacturers of uPVC, PVC, cPVC, HDPE, MS, and GI pipes in Bangladesh. A sister concern of RFL Group, the company has been one of the best pioneers in producing innovative pipes and fittings.

RFL Pipe & Fittings has two manufacturing plants, in Narshingdi and Habiganj. The Narshingdi plant has a capacity of producing 14,000 metric tons/per month. It is the largest PVC pipe manufacturing plant in the country. The Narshingdi plant has a fleet of 1,300 employees who work relentlessly to ensure the quality and availability of the products. This plant specializes in producing 15mm to 1,000mm pipes.

The second plant in Habiganj is one of the largest factories in the sub-continent. This plant specializes in producing MS and GI products. Fully automated systems are used in this plant. Moreover, this plant has heavy crane facilities which increase its productivity.

RFL Pipe & Fittings has the best pipe and fittings solutions for Agriculture, Plumbing, and Sanitation. Moreover, the company has come up with world-class pipes & fittings for Electrical, Gasoline, Dredging, Civil Construction, and Telecommunication usage.

For agricultural needs, RFL produces PVC pipes which are used in irrigation boring up to 1,250 feet. Moreover, there are HDPE & Metal pipes, Dripper/Sprinkler, Sprayer, and Hose/Corrugated Pipe for the farmers’ convenience.  RFL Pipe and Fittings produce three solutions for plumbing; uPVC threaded pipe for the normal temperature water line, PPR pipes for water lines withstanding heat up to 80 degrees Celsius, and cPVC pipes for up to 93 degrees. For sanitation, RFL has UV light-resisting SWR pipes and uPVC Fittings.

RFL Pipe & Fittings understands customer's different needs. RFL has all kinds of pipe solutions for electrical safety; the brand produces high-pressure enduring pipes for gas lines. Diversifying its product lines, RFL Pipe & Fittings has come up with pipe solutions for challenging industries like Dredging, Civil Construction, and Telecommunication.

RFL strongly believes in sustainability, which makes us the best pipe company in Bangladesh. The production process of the brand is environment-friendly. The manufacturing plants are equipped with world-class machinery which emits less carbon into the atmosphere. For workers’ safety, the plants ensure ample fire prevention measures, first aid facilities, and other safety measures. Moreover, the daycare system is there for female workers with children.